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At Master Sha Tao Center, we offer fitness for the soul and the mind. Visit us and experience a positive vibrational field that helps to melt away the root causes of all kinds of stress. Immersing yourself in these relaxing vibes can bring you in touch with your happiest, most balanced self. Join us in our meditation center in Honolulu, Oahu, today.


Master Sha Tao Center

I have always considered myself a spiritual person. The truth is I was wandering around with no purpose. Becoming a member of the Master Sha Tao Healing Center, a soul healer, and joining the mission of bringing Love, Peace, and Harmony to Mother Earth and all planets, and all souls have certainly made my life more meaningful. We are all on a soul journey. Make it a better, more full and much more joyful journey by visiting us at the Center.

– Rosemarie W. | Facebook
Master Sha Tao Center

This is a secret that must be shared, the Love, the Soul Family, the Open Hearts and Open arms welcoming All, even those on webcast or phone line, brings Healing, Hope and again tonight Miracle healings ... bring All you Love, one must experience to understand, it is sooo Inspiring !!! Love you All at the Master Sha Tao Healing Center Honolulu <3 Aloha and Mahalo !!!!

– Lynnea G. | Facebook
Master Sha Tao Center

Words cannot explain how special this place is and the wonderful works done by Master Sha and all the Divine Healing Hand practitioners. I encourage everyone to check it out.

– Patrice M. | Facebook
Master Sha Tao Center

Ever time I go to Master Sha Tao Center Hawai'i I feel rejuvenated, peace, joyful, lots of positivity, and align from head to toe.

– Herbert M. | Facebook